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Recently we were notified of the increased risk of Calicivirus to pet rabbits. Calicivirus is a rapidly fatal disease. As a consequence there has been changes to the recommendation of our current Vaccination Policy to protect our pet rabbits, as best we can.

New Recommendations by the Rabbit Doctor, Dr Gerry Skinner and Warrenwood Veterinary Clinic are:

Young Rabbits - Vaccinate from 4 weeks of age, repeat doses at 8 and 12 weeks

Adult rabbits - Vaccinate every 6 months (previously every 12 months)

Unvaccinated adults, or overdue adults - vaccinate twice 1 month apart, then every 6 months

What can you do to minimize the risk to your rabbits?

  • Vaccinate your rabbit every 6 months or as directed by your Vet.
  • Keep rabbits indoors where possible
  • Screen outdoor rabbits from insects using mosquito netting
  • Keep indoor/outdoor rabbits inside at high risk times of day; dawn and dusk
  • Quarantine (keep separate) new rabbits for at least a week before introducing them to your current rabbits (remember all new rabbit friends need a bonding period anyway!)
  • Take unwell rabbits to your rabbit savvy vet - that would be Dr Murray!
  • Remember that calicivirus lives in the environment for a long time (up to 3 or 4 months)
  • Calicivirus can be transmitted by insects, urine, faeces, saliva, bedding and by people and other animals moving between rabbits

For more information contact us on 9592 9811 and click here to read more from Dr Skinners website and FB page

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