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Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre
762 Hampton St
VIC 3186

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The Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre is a family business owned and managed by Drs Murray Collings & Anna Platt.

We have been caring for Bayside pets & their families since November 1990 and moved to our purpose built clinic  in December 2009.

  • Dr Murray Collings
    Veterinarian BVSc. MVS

    Since graduating from the University of Queensland in 1986, Murray has spent the majority of his career in Melbourne. He has been the owner of the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre since 1991 and along with his wife, Anna, has built it into the busy, well respected clinic we see today. The clinic is based on excellence in patient care and customer service.

    Murray is our Surgical expert, having completed a Masters of Veterinary Studies in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Melbourne shortly after graduating. He also has a soft spot for Rabbits, and along with the other team members, the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre has developed a reputation as a ‘Rabbit Friendly’ Clinic. 

    Murray is currently expanding his vast surgical repertoire to include laparoscopic abdominal surgery - also known as 'key hole surgery' - which is at the cutting edge of Veterinary Surgery and will have a profound impact on patient's recovery. This equates to getting back to the park & beach sooner! 

    In his spare time Murray enjoys motorbike riding & a glass of a good wine with some French cheese!

    Dr Murray Collingsweb
  • Dr Anna Platt
    Veterinarian BVSc (Hons) MVS

    Anna graduated Dux of her year in 1989 from Melbourne University and began her career there as a Medical and Surgical Intern in Dogs and Cats. After completing her Masters of Veterinary Studies she worked as an Emergency Vet in Melbourne before travelling to England for some fun and more experience. In 1996 she joined Murray at the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre.

    Anna’s interests lie in medicine and animal behaviour and runs the Clinic’s Puppy Preschool Program. She is a compassionate vet & dedicated to the health and welfare of all the patients in the practice.

    Growing up Anna always wanted to be a vet and has never been without a pet in her life. Married life if busy for Murray and Anna – they have two daughters, Madeline and Olivia. Then there is Gina, their very cute and talented Border Terrier dog & Gina’s son, Tonic – who use to be a regular at Puppy Preschool - now she spends her Tuesday evenings curled up in her bed! They also have a third dog, Bella the very happy Pomeranian. Then there are their two cats - Truffles - a white cat - that is rarely every white and Cali - a very independent Tabby! 

    When not looking after her family and pets, Anna enjoys reading, sewing and walking Gina,Tonic & Bella. Her recent goals have been achieved -  her motorbike licence & completing an intensive course in Diagnositic Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats by Distance Education. Her goal for 2017 is to fine tune the work life balance!

    Dr Anna Platt
  • Dr Kirsty Tepper

    Dr Kirsty has been a vital member of our Vet Team since 2015. Kirsty is an experienced, caring Veterinarian working full time - she is either in consults or doing surgery each week day, except Tuesdays. 

    Kirsty graduated from Melbourne University in 2002. Since then she has continued updating her knowledge by completing distance education courses and in 2013 she became a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of small animal internal medicine.

    Kirsty shares her home with a cat, a dog and a husband. Pickles is a black 3 year old domestic shorthair cat who is infatuated with Koopa the 9 year old black Labrador. It is very difficult to get a great photo of them curled up together - they are just a mass of black fur!

    Kirsty is currently on Maternity Leave.

    Dr Kirsty Tepper
  • Dr Kendall Rider
    Veterinarian BSc DVM


    Kendall graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2015. She began her career working in a mixed practice. In August we welcomed her to the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre.
    Kendall has always loved animals and wanted to be a veterinarian. She enjoys all areas of veterinary medicine.

    Kendall is owned by two ginger cats. Teddy loves snoozing in the sun. Monty is much more active, he loves to find trouble and create chaos where ever he goes!

    Pictured here caring for a injured possum that was bought to the clinic for care.


  • Dr Marcus Cheung
    Veterinarian BVSc

    Marcus is an experienced vet, having spent the initial years of his career in Dubbo, NSW. He has a particular interest in Surgery and Sports Medicine and has additional qualifications in accupuncture which can greatly assist pain management in arthritic patients.

    He shares his life with his partner, also a vet, and Simb, a Chihuahua cross Pomeranian, who he rescued and  Pumba the bunny.

    Marcus is picture here with Homer, a gorgeous Pug who was in need of treatment for a sore eye.

    We welcome Marcus to our clinic for the next 6 months as he covers Dr Kirsty;s Maternity leave.


    Marcus Cheung