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Senior Special

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This May & June we are having a special Senior Focus as our pets are living longer & better lives than ever before thanks to advances in veterinary care.



Pets do age faster than humans so we recommend twice yearly check-ups - simply twice a year for life! This is especially important for our older cats and dogs, as it helps us to spot issues and take action if needed before it becomes a problem. 

Regular blood and urine tests have a major role in keeping pets as healthy as they can be. A blood test can help detect potential health issues or underlying diseases in the early stages and many diseases  ( ie kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease) can be almost impossible to detect on a physical exam - but can show up on blood and urine tests.

So over  May & June 2018 we are offering a Special Senior for well dogs and cats 7 years of age and over.

We are offering a full health check up - consultation, blood & urine test for $195 - which represents a saving of 30%.

If the blood and urine test results are normal then this is a good thing! We now have valuable base line to keep in your pet's health file for future reference points if they happen to be unwell in the future.   A normal test result also provides peace of mind knowing your pet is healthy and well.



If an abnormal result is detected then we can take action, be relieved that hopefully we have caught it early and can either monitor the condition or begin a treatment plan to bring them back to health.                                                                                                                       Bookings are essential and one offer per pet.