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Emergency Centres

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Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre
762 Hampton St
VIC 3186

03 9592 9811
03 9592 7811



The staff at the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre are very proud to run the clinic to a very high standard. However we do not have the capacity to provide a 24 hour facility.

Following complicated surgery or an unstable illness such patients require continual veterinary supervision and care, referral to a local Emergency Centre is necessary.

Melbourne is fortunate to have several dedicated Emergency Centres that are able to deal with emergencies and critical care when our clinic may be closed and your pet requires urgent attention.

We strongly recommend that if your pet becomes ill during the day, an appointment is scheduled prior to the conclusion of evening consultations.


Animal Emergency Centre - Moorabbin,  24 hour care,  Wickham Road, Highett,  Phone 9532 5261

Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre 24 hour care,  Dandenong Road, East Malvern   Phone 9569 3677


CARE   24 hour  care, 5 Hood Street  Collingwood, Phone 9417 6417   ** Best for Rabbits**


Animal Emergency Centre - Blackburn 24 hour care 37 Blackburn Road  Mt Waverley,   Phone 9803 8122