December 2016 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

December 2016

In early December we had a large number of puppies enrol in Puppy Preschool so we divided the class and headed to Dendy Park with the older puppies for 2 lessons.

We had 2 gorgeous Golden retriever puppies, Maggie and Louie - both very smart, both loved playing and both loved food - surprise, surprise!

Unfortunately Louie and his family were not able to attend Graduation.


We had Milo, a fluffy Samyoed that almost doubled in size over the duration of Puppy Preschool - it was mainly fluff!









Then we had Gem, a very happy Irish Terrier that loved the park!









Gem had so much fun - pictured here wearing her motar board, whilst munching on her roo jerky!!

Then we had the 'indoor' puppies - 2 Hungarian Vizslas, Gypsy and Bruce, a gorgeous Labrador, Charlie and little Sophie a Miniature Schnauzers - all stars at Puppy Preschool!


Bruce and his family.....



Then there was Gypsy......







we also had Charlie....













We also had little Sophie, loved to play with the other dogs and was not at all shy!


It was all really good fun and we all parted as friends :)