February 2017 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

February 2017


We had a cracking start to 2017 with a large number of puppies wanting to join Puppy Preschool and what fun we had.

The final class we had a Dendy park where we had such a fun time - the puppies loved it and got to meet adult dogs and learn all about the recall.

We had Maggie, Poppy, Hazel, Dusty and Indy in one class and in the other class Duke, Ariel, Charlie, Ralph & Nala.

Maggie the Cavoodle, muching on a roo jerky









Poppy the Spoodle having a rest on Dad's lap

















Hazel the Border Collie, munching the treat on her graduation hat!




















Dusty, the Miniature Schnauzer, multi tasking - wearing her graduation hat and chewing on her roo jerky!










 ..... and Indy the Beaglier also multi tasking!










we had Duke, the Husky that loved to chew....

and Nala who had a wonderful time at the park















Unfortunately we did not manage to get photos of Charlie nor Ralph and Ariel could not attend graduation :(