June 2016 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

June 2016

In June we had four gorgeous Puppies attend our Puppy Preschool. As usual there was a variety of breeds, but the most common breed of the moment (with good reason) - the Cavoodle was present! 

There was Frankie - a very smart Lab cross Rottweiler - she had great fun with the other pups and as expected loved the treats!


She did not mind posing for a photo but only after she ate the little treat hanging from Graduation hat!







We had the very spunky girl, Maisy a toy poodle cross - she lives at home with a labrador so she was not at all intimidated by the size of Frankie! She certainly had fun....














We had 2 Cavoodles - Pires and Leo that were very attentive and had great time playing together....... unfortunately Leo was unable to make Graduation (: The highlight of the night was Pires entertaining us all with him pushing his treat cup over the floor with his snoz! Wished I had captured it on the iphone - so cute.