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Puppy Preschool April 2018

Congratulations to the  puppies of the Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool Class April 2018!

We had a small group of pups this month - just three pups so we could really focus on each pup!

All our pups were small breed - actually all 3 were cavoodles!  - but all very different in personality.

Frankie, was our demonstration pup on Week 1 and it was wonderful to see her growing in confidence over the four weeks - something she would have struggled with in a larger class.

There was lots of health care issues discussed over the course - diet, dental care and desexing -  we also covered care of eyes, ears and their coats.

We had a fun graduation night - - a very impressive performance by the pups, but we missed Lucky but are hoping to catch up with him soon...

Best wishes!



The very gorgeous......


and her new bestie, Jay J