April 2016 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

April 2016

In April we had a number of cute puppies complete Puppy Preschool....


There was Aston - a sleek and fun Whippet.... very smart too


We also had 2 very gorgeous Cavoodles - both smart and keen to learn 


There was Frankie who was full of spunk, and a little naughty at home getting into a few things that puppies do!

 The other Cavoodle was Archie - again very smart, loved to play with the other pups and did enjoy a treat or two!

this is the unposed photo - then when we did the special posed photo below you can see that little Archi becomes a little uncomfortable with his Graduation Certificate!

Then we had the very gorgeous girl, Rosie, a little Pug that too a while to warm up to Puppy school - but did not take long to warm up the the fresh chicken on offer!  Isn't she gorgeous!!