August 2014 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

August 2014

Four gorgeous puppies graduated this month from MBVC Puppy Preschool.....


There was the very shy Cavoodle, Frankie who got into the grove by the final lesson. On Team Frankie were Jo, Posie and Mark.





Then there was the fun - loving girl, Maisie the chocolate Labrador puppy On Team Maisie were Chris and Vanessa.














Then there was Lucky the very smart Cavalier King Spaniel that LOVED food almost as much as Maisie!

Anglea bought Lucky to Puppy class whilst the rest of Lucky's team stayed at home.












Then there was Charli - a  larger than life French Bull dog that LOVED Maisie. Charli had a great time playing with Maisie and was not put off by her size. On Team Charlie were Ray, Caroline & Remy.....