February 2016 - Spunky Class | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

February 2016 - Spunky Class

Well the other Graduates in February was the Spunky pups - those that like to play and were not shy!

Such an odd group but they loved to play and loved each other.....

There was Chia - a cheeky Cairn Terrier - though she was the smallest in the group she had the biggest spirit


Then there was Harle, a Cavoodle that could keep up with both Chia and Poppy. A happy fun pup!














Then there was Poppy, a gorgeous Golden Retriever pup that kept us laughing with her antics of digging in the water bowl! A great way to keep cool!

As you can see they had so much fun keeping them still for even a moment to catch their Graduation photo proved to be a huge challenge!