February 2016 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

February 2016

This year started with a bang with 7 puppies graduating from Puppy Preschool!

The class was swiftly divided in two with the four quieter pups in the first class.




There was Millie the Cavoodle. Millie was our demonstration pup in our first Class - a smart pup who took a little while to warm up to the other pups - but by week 4 she was ready to party!

Both Millie's parents attended each lesson, soaking up all the tips to make Millie a super pup.


The we had two Charlies - Charlie Girl, another gorgeous Cavoodle, who could have been Millie's twin! 





Charlie (Girl) had the best time playing with Charlie (Boy) a Cavalier that had the longest tail ever!

Charlie (Boy) very focused for his photo in his Graduation hat











Then there was Maybe, Another Cavoodle but this time black with little tuffs of white fur. He was the smallest pup but had a huge personality - loved a treat or two!