March 2014 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

March 2014

In March we saw 4 very cute and fun pups graduate from Puppy Preschool! 


The first 3 weeks we spent at the clinic learning the basics  - How to have a well behaved Puppy!

Then for Graduation we headed to Dendy Park to get some socialisation skills! Here each dog practiced their recall on long leads  and socialised with each other & the older dogs in the park.

All the pups had a wonderful time together over the four week course - as did Anna & Rochelle! We all slept well each Tuesday night!




There was Toby a Shih Tzu Pomeranian cross who was an absolute delight!







BJ was smart and had a fantastic time at the park!








Annie a fun-loving German Short Haired Pointer - showed off her superb retrieving skills!








Then there was camera shy Otto - a very smart German Short Haired Pointer cross. Actually he was not at all camera shy but having SUCH a great time he would not sit still for long! He had a fantastic time playing with Annie - must be LOVE!