November 2015 - Thursday Class | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

November 2015 - Thursday Class

With the weather warming up we were able to have Graduation at Dendy Park. This allows us to teach the pups how to behave at the park and ways to make the request of 'Come' successful......

There was Rosie, a gorgeous Labrador that has great focus - when she wants to!


Flo, a spunky West Highland White Terrier - actually all Westies are spunky!












There was Kobi a German Shorthaired Pointer that also had great focus, and grew enormously over the weeks of Puppy Class.




We also had Jax a gentle Ridgeback that settled enormously over the 4 weeks - here he is with his loving family


Then there was Baxter, a gorgeous Cavoodle that never stopped wagging his tail! Came to Graduation but missed on the photo shoot:(