October 2013 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

October 2013

In October we had a fun class with four very happy puppies! There was Bonnie, Bailey, Mel and Holly - all very gorgeous and had a wonderful time learning good habits and having a fun time! Bailey had the BEST Party trick of 'digging' in the water bowl, sending water everywhere! They loved it.


Bonnie, a very cute Cavoodle, elected not to wear her Graduation hat! but liked the treat!







Bailey, an Australian Shepherd was cool about wearing his hat, he too liked the treat!








Mel, the happy Golden Retriever was also happy to wear her hat! Though not for long!









And finally, Holly, wore her hat but in no time had eaten her treat! Holly, a typical Lab, manic about food, but really responded to Clicker training. Way to go Holly!