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Puppy Christmas Party 2012

On 9th December we gathered at Dendy Park for our Annual Puppy Christmas Party. We all had a fabulous time. The morning started slowly with a bit of drizzle but before too long the party was on and the pups were having a wonderful time. They all received their Christmas bandana and some yummy dog biscuits hand baked by Anna's daughter Olivia. There were some fabulous outfits that did not seem to slow them down. Whilst some pups loved racing and chasing each other, some preferred to sit back and watch, whilst others decided that a dip in the 'pool' was more their style. After 2 hours of controlled mayhem, many dogs went home well and truly exhausted - except Albie who was keen on an after party!

There were a number of prizes awarded - but as usual a very difficult decision!

"The pup that had the most fun" - Spot






"The best dressed pup" - Yogi










"The smartest pup' - Molly






"The cutest pup" - Mini Me






There were so many other wonderful pups -

Morpheus - the very talented German Shepherd

Max, the very smart Brittany Spaniel

Saffi, the cuddly Golden Retriever

Pixel, the Jack Russell always on the go

Tango, the happy Portugese Water Dog

Mila, the gorgeous spoodle

Albie, the fun loving Labrador

Boonie, the gentle schnoodle

Murphy, the very happy Shih Tzu

and Zoe, the racy whippet! And finally, Taco the hot kelpie who arrived just as everyone was leaving:(....

we should also mention the many gate crashers! that also attended the party such as Tango the gorgeous Golden Retriever picture

below, as he had such a fabulous time the year before!






































Then the after party.....................


Albie's parents could only wish as after a very short rest he was ready for the next party!