Puppy Graduates May 2014 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

May 2014

May saw some very cute puppies graduate from Puppy Preschool..........

Starting with Bane, a very gorgeous & talented Mini Dachshund that lives with his owners and 2 bunnies.............. At a very young age Bane is already off leash at the park and even comes back when called. Way to go Bane!!

Then there was Poppy - a sweet natured Cavoodle - loved the treats! Pictured here munching on a roo jerky on her mat.


And fun-loving Obi - a chocolate Lab. He had a great time playing with Bane & Poppy! He, also loved the treats and was already off leash at the park! Amazing Obi!!


Not pictured here is Ted, a young Labradoodle who unfortunately missed Graduation:(

...........but then Ted came in for his final Puppy Vaccination and received his Graduation Hat & Certificate!