September 2015 | Middle Brighton Vet Centre - Your Bayside Vet

September 2015

We have just had a new group of Puppy School Graduates - it has been wonderful to see them develop and learn over the last 4 weeks - especially Indy, an exuberant Italian Greyhound that weighed a little over 2kgs!! The first week Indy's feet hardly touched the ground as he raced around the classroom. Each week we set a task or goal for each owner to work on with their pup - for Indy it was just to reward him for his feet being on the ground. Then the next week we worked on getting him to sit - what a changein him. He will always be a happy bouncy dog but we have managed in a few weeks to get him to slow down a little!!

We all had so much fun!!

Indy has absolutely no body fat so his jacket not only looks so cute it keeps him warm....





we also had Maggie a smart Cavoodle, looking very smart in her Graduation hat!






the gorgeous boy, Pedro who was

very happy to play with the other puppies








We also had Peppa, the calm Miniature Schnauzer pictured here on Graduation Day showing how well she sits - with Zoey looking at her reward with some envy!


We were lucky to have 2 great Border Collie pups in our Class - Zoey the less common brown and white Border Collie - but just as smart as the more common black and white.


Zoey is very comfortable wearing her Graduation Hat with a bit of a slouch to it!






And finally our second Border Collie the incredibly

smart girl, Oreo - by the end of Puppy Class she could sit, come, drop, shake paws and of course like all the other pups looked absolutely gorgeous!!


Congratulations to all our puppy graduates and their parents - WELL DONE!!