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Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre
762 Hampton St
VIC 3186

03 9592 9811
03 9592 7811

Our modern Hospital is well staffed and equipped to care for your pet. Heated wards, safe heated mats, comfortably fluffy beds & computerised fluid infusion pumps means that your pet will be back to good health in no time!

To ensure the best care for your pet, we have facilities in the work area where we can closely monitor pets recovering from anaesthesia or those that are critically ill.

To minimise patient stress, we have designed our hospital with your pet in mind with separate dog and cat wards which are ideal when sick animals need a little peace and quiet! We use both Adaptil & Feliway diffusers throughout the clinic to create a calming environment.

Critically ill and unstable pets are referred to an Emergency Centre for night care where they are able to receive the ongoing attention they require.