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Special Health Care Programs

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Juvenile Health Check 

Your pet will benefit from a 10 month Juvenile Health Check.

We will review your pet's:

  • diet
  • weight
  • oral health including teeth
  • ongoing parasite control program such that they enter their adult years fit and healthy!

 During this check we will also perform a full clinical examination and discuss any ongoing behaviour and training issues.


Weight Check

Obesity is becoming a problem in our pets.

Just as it does in humans, it can lead to a variety of problems including:

  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • breathing problems
  • reduced exercise tolerance
  • reduced quality of life AND life expectancy

 Our Slimmers Club is a free service where we document your pet's current weight, select a realistic goal weight and tailor a Prescription Diet to suit their needs.

Regular weigh in and reviews with your Slimmer Club Consultant are an essential part of your pet's weight loss success.


Senior Health Checks 

Your pet will benefit from a 6 monthly Senior Health Check from 10 years of age.

Our pets, unfortunately age faster than we do.

We know the health of pets can change rapidly in older age, and many such changes go unnoticed to owners.

Early intervention can effect the outcome of many diseases. Regular Health Checks form a vital part of your pet's Preventative Health Care.

During this visit:

  • we perform a full clinical examination
  • review your pet's weight
  • review diet & current parasite prevention control
  • review current medication
  • and discuss any issues of concern
  • undertake regular Blood & Urine testing (every 6-12 months depending on the individual needs)