Hunter, our gorgeous 10 year old cat began to have problems walking especially in his hind legs late last year. Xrays were taken with him under anaesthesia that showed that he had some mild arthritis in both elbow but not much else. Over the next few months he got progressively worse – weak in his back legs and had troubles jumping up. A MRI showed a cyst causing pressure on his spine – the cyst was not particularly big but was in a bad location. We were very relieved that he did not have cancer, but his only option was surgery. Whilst we were away in NZ he was rested in our cattery and placed on cortisone to reduce inflammation. When we collected he was worse and so surgery was essential. Anna was sick with anxiety leading up to the surgery – so concerned that he would be in such pain post operatively – it was an awful time. He recovered well from his anaesthetic, but his legs were worse – he woke up unable to feel or move his right hind leg. Fortunately over the next 24 hours he had improved and began to feel and move his legs &

toilet normally. After 4 days at the University of Melbourne, Hunter came home. This is when all the hard work started – he needed to be watched carefully – No jumping, he needed assistance walking on our polished floor boards as he was still very weak, he also needed medicine three times a day and physiotherapy to help him recover. We are happy to report that Hunter continues to improve – day by day but will take the next 6 weeks for him to fully recover.

It has been a long and stressful journey but one that needed to be taken.

Unfortunately, Hunter did not improve as he needed – he struggled to get around the house though he remained bright & alert and ALWAYS keen to eat his food! We had to say goodbye to him in March – still hurts months later.

Here is a gorgeous drawing of Hunter – created by our daughter Olivia, Year 9.