FACT: Pet Insurance is good for you and your pet.

FACT: Vet fees can be expensive – there are enormous overheads in operating a Veterinary Clinic.

FACT: The BEST time to get Pet Insurance is when you pet is young, BEFORE any health issues develop, else exclusions will apply.

Recently we have a number of sick pets that have required extensive Veterinary Care – some required urgent and life saving care whilst others required low grade on going care. This is the time when a lot of owners ask as about Pet Health Insurance – not realising that there are ‘waiting periods’ and ‘exclusions’ will apply. For more information regarding Pet Insurance, see the recent article in Sundays Age.

There are a number of funds to choose from, and selection can seem daunting – so to help you out you need to consider:

Illness , Injury or both
If illness, then you need to check the fine print so that you will be covered for the lifetime of your pet, not just till the policy is up for renewal
Remember, Pet Insurance is good for you and your pet and is worth the effort it takes at the start. Both Anna & Murray have each been vets for over 20 years and the only time when Clients that have Pet Insurance have been disappointed is when they have left it too long to sign up and exclusions apply…….

So do not put it off any longer and sign your pet up for Pet Insurance today!