It was great to see a mix of new and familiar faces at Puppy Preschool this month – all with gorgeous pups all keen to learn!

We had a staggered Graduation ceremony at Sillitoe Reseve on Ludstone Street, Hampton with Komur, the black Lab, Ralfie, the British Bull dog and Ollie the Groodle and their families.





They learnt so much at the park….the key points to help set them (and any dog) up for success:

  • go at a quiet time (so they can FOCUS on you and what you want them to do!)
  • take your pet’s most favourite treats (so they LISTEN to what you want them to do – also known as what’s in it for me!)
  • drive to the park – walking to exciting locations can result in lots of frustrating leash pulling
  • don’t stay at the park for too long – keep it short and sweet so they continue to LISTEN & BEHAVE
  • practice their recall by keeping any distractions far enough away so they CONCENTRATE on you
  • become an expert at reading dog body language!