A big class with lots of fabulous puppies and their owners. Lots of fun!

We started at the clinic but quickly moved to Sillitoe Reserve in Ludstone Street, Hampton – a great place for puppies finding their feet!

There was lots of learning – best time to influence a pup or dog is when they are thinking of something – ie as they are about to jump up. We learnt about body language and how to stay out of trouble at the park – quick sniff and move on. We also learn how to teach the recall….

We also learn how to calm the pups with massage and teaching them to leave and to give something up.

We saw amazing progress and how different all the pups are – some need a lot of space to concentrate others can cope with distractions.

Congratulations to :

Charlie the Cavoodle

Daisy the Labrador

Frankie the Cavoodle

Hamish the Golden Retriever

Hugo the Vizsla

Marvin the Chocolate Labrador

Max the Beaglier

Paddy the Westie


and Sadie the Dachshund…..

Love to all our star graduates xx