Meet Scout – a gorgeous playful Kelpie pup belonging to Eliza.

Scout graduated from our Puppy Preschool in 2013 with honours! She was very attentive & very smart, loved the other pups and loved Anna.

When it was time for her to be speyed, Eliza took the option to run a blood test prior to the anaesthetic, and she was so glad that she did.

The blood test revealed that Scout had Kidney (Renal) failure – her kidneys were struggling to deal with their role of eliminating waste products from her body.

Everyone was shocked as outwardly Scout seemed fine.

Though Scout does have Kidney failure – she is one lucky dog. Lucky that her problem was detected early – before the onset of clinical signs. It is during this pre-clinical stage that if we can detect a problem that we have the best chance of treatment. This is why we strongly recommend blood testing prior to anaesthetics so we can detect any problems early and keep your pet as healthy as we can.

The benefits of Pre Anaesthetic Blood testing:

1. Early detection of disease

2. Establish a base line (reference) for future blood tests

So, now back to Scout…. We did not proceed with the Anaesthetic and Spey – anaesthetics can result in reduced blood flow to the kidneys and a worsening of her condition. Rather, Scout underwent some further tests to establish the severity of her renal failure.

She is now on a special prescription diet and added Omega 3 supplements to ensure that the progression of her kidney disease is slowed down.

Here is Scout getting ready for a run at the local park