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Gina bone

Along with most vets, we have for many years been recommending feeding raw chicken wings and necks to dogs to help prevent dental disease.

Effective chewing is key to maintaining good dental health. We have fed raw chicken wings to our own dogs for many years - without any ill effects. However, given a recent report from the University of Melbourne we are reviewing this recommendation.

The study found that the consumption of raw chicken meat increased the risk of developing the condition polyradiculoneuritis by more than 70 times.

Whilst, polyradiculoneuritis is a very uncommon condition in dogs, it is a potentially fatal condition with no guarantee of full recovery.

There are alternatives to raw chicken wings, necks and carcasses - raw beef brisket bones, lamb and veal shanks are still on the menu - however we always recommend matching the size of your dog and the size of your dog - they may not be suitable for your dog!

Brushing teeth on a daily basis is still regarded as the gold standard - as a preventative. Other options include specific dental diets ( Hills and Royal Canin), Healthy Mouth water additive, Oravet and Greenies.

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