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Puppy Preschool Graduates

Middle Brighton Vet Centre promotes responsible pet ownership & encourages good behaviour in all pets. We conduct Puppy Preschool on a regular basis, where we aim to teach puppies good manners in a safe and relaxed environment. We also educate owners about raising puppies and the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

Classes are currently held on Tuesday evenings in blocks of 4 weeks starting at 7.00pm for 1 hour at the clinic by Dr Anna Platt. The recommended age of attendance is from 8 to approximately 18 weeks of age. The first week is without the pups, were we discuss the theory of how dogs learn, discuss problem behaviours (nipping, digging, whining) and ways to conquer toilet training! Each class comes with written information and homework! Week 4 is Graduation – a really fun night so don’t forget your camera!

October 2018

We had a great time at Puppy Preschool with our star puppies, Charlie, Luna and Murphy! They had a great time learning, as did their owners and had fun playing with the other pups. Lots of topics were covered over the 4 weeks with an emphasis on training your puppy...

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July 2018

We had a fabulous group of puppies graduate from our Puppy Preschool in July.... We missed Odie the GSHP from graduation night.

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April 2018

Congratulations to the puppies of the Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool Class April 2018! We had a small group of pups this month - just three pups so we could really focus on each pup! All our pups were small breed - actually all 3 were cavoodles! - but all very...

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March 2018

Congratulations to all the puppies of the Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool Class March 2018! We had a fantastic mix of puppies this month - again we divided into two classes! We started the class with everyone together and young Jemima as our demonstration pup. One...

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February 2018

Congratulations to the eight puppies of the Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool Class February 2018! It was a lovely way to start the the first class of 2018 with such an enthusiastic class of puppies and owners. Well done to everyone for coming to class. We started the...

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August 2017

We had a fabulous group of puppies graduate from Puppy Preschool - 5 pups in total - 2 Cavoodles, Rory and Henri, a West Highland White terrier, Bella, Cody the very smart chocolate Labrador and the very spunky Poodle, Cookie. It was a really fun 4 weeks and was...

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