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Xrays & Ultrasound

We have a full modern Radiology suite where we can take digitial xrays on site.

Xrays are not only used to diagnose broken bones but are used to evaluate internal organs – the abdomen and chest in particular. Xrays can be useful in the case of puppies that eat items that they should not such as tennis balls and corn cobs! Sometimes foreign bodies don’t show up clearly on initial xrays and a special dye, a contrast agent, is then used to highlight the object. Contrast agents, such as barium can be given orally whilst others may be injected to show an area of concern (ie myelogram is when the dye is injected around the spinal cord).

Diagnostic ultrasound allows us to scan animals internally without the need for surgery and in most cases without sedation or anaesthesia. Information gained from the scan provides us with more information as to your pet’s state of health without the need for surgery.

Super caring vets with lots of experience. Have been going here for 20 years through thick and thin. Dr Murray and Dr Anna are true pet lovers.

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