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Puppy Preschool

Middle Brighton Vet Centre promotes responsible pet ownership & encourages good behaviour in all pets. We conduct Puppy Preschool on a regular basis, where we aim to teach puppies good manners in a safe and relaxed environment.

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings at the clinic in 4 week blocks starting at 7pm for 1 hour, with Dr Anna.

Each class comes with written information and homework!

NEXT CLASS: Starting Tuesday 11th June 2019

Week 1
This class is pup free where we use one demonstration puppy. Topics covered include:

  • How dogs learn,
  • When is the best time to train your pup,
  • Food association,
  • Sit and Handling & Toilet training,
  • Benefits of massaging your pup,
  • Getting your pup to give and take

Week 2
Topic covered include:

  • Mat training,
  • Getting your dog to wait,
  • How dogs communicate – dog body language,
  • Teaching your pup to come

Week 3
Topics covered include:

  • Getting your pup to walk on a loose lead,
  • Nutrition,
  • General dog care, and
  • Keeping your pet safe.

Week 4 – Graduation
This is a really fun night where we get to see how far the pups have come with our Graduation class. We go over what we have learnt over the past 4 weeks.

In the months of daylight savings we conduct some of the classes at Dendy Park to give the owners and pups some real life skills on how to behave and stay safe at the park.

About Our Trainer

Dr Anna Platt has a particular interest in behaviour and commenced Puppy Preschool at Middle Brighton Vet Centre over 18 years ago, and can be consulted when problems with behaviour or training arise. If you believe that your pet has developed a behavioural problem, then contact the clinic to arrange a specific Behavioural Consultation.

Puppy Graduates June 2019

We had a large number of pups attend Puppy Preschool so we divided into two smaller classes.... In the early class we had Cavoodle siblings (different owners) - Frankie and Bowie and the very gorgeous, Snoodle, Ruby. They all got on amazingly well and really enjoyed...

Puppy Preschool Graduates

We had a great group of puppies graduate this month - they were so funny and it was so rewarding watching them develop over the four weeks. There was Aramis, the spoodle - he was slow to warm up to the fun of Puppy preschool! We also had Argo the very smart Kelpie,...

Puppy School Graduates April 2019

A big class with lots of fabulous puppies and their owners. Lots of fun! We started at the clinic but quickly moved to Sillitoe Reserve in Ludstone Street, Hampton - a great place for puppies finding their feet! There was lots of learning - best time to influence a...

Puppy Graduates February 2019

We had a fabulous start to the New Year with a great bunch of puppies and owners enrol in Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool. We had 6 wonderful pups: Ebony the Standard Poodle, Ginger the Cavoodle, Lenny the Cocker Spaniel, Max the Cavoodle, Ralph the Golden Retriever...

Puppy School Graduates December 2018

We had a huge number of puppies attend our class in December - so much that we divided the class into two groups. We were lucky with the weather that we managed to get out of the clinic and do some training in the local parks - we clashed with the Christmas Carols and...

Puppy School Graduates November 2018

This month we have a small group of stellar puppies: Maisie, the Westie Mia, the Havanese and Smudge, the Miniature Schnauzer with a very cute hair do! We all had a fabulous time and learnt to sit, come and play appropriately with other dogs. Well done!    ...

October 2018

We had a great time at Puppy Preschool with our star puppies, Charlie, Luna and Murphy! They had a great time learning, as did their owners and had fun playing with the other pups. Lots of topics were covered over the 4 weeks with an emphasis on training your puppy...

July 2018

We had a fabulous group of puppies graduate from our Puppy Preschool in July.... We missed Odie the GSHP from graduation night.

April 2018

Congratulations to the puppies of the Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool Class April 2018! We had a small group of pups this month - just three pups so we could really focus on each pup! All our pups were small breed - actually all 3 were cavoodles! - but all very...

March 2018

Congratulations to all the puppies of the Middle Brighton Puppy Preschool Class March 2018! We had a fantastic mix of puppies this month - again we divided into two classes! We started the class with everyone together and young Jemima as our demonstration pup. One...
Super caring vets with lots of experience. Have been going here for 20 years through thick and thin. Dr Murray and Dr Anna are true pet lovers. Marc - Google Review

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