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Dental Health Month 2018

August is Dental Health Month at the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre!! This means that during August we have a special focus on Dental Health for your pet - in particular the prevention of dental disease in all pets. Our goal is to keep your pet's teeth at the...

Dog Paralysis

Along with most vets, we have for many years been recommending feeding raw chicken wings and necks to dogs to help prevent dental disease. Effective chewing is key to maintaining good dental health. We have fed raw chicken wings to our own dogs for many years -...

Tips to keep your pet COOL over summer

Summer is a tough time for our pets - especially the old and ill. There are a number of common sense things that can be done to keep your pet cool in the hot weather: DOGS Exercise your dog during the coolest part of the day - keep an eye on the weather forecast as it...

Frankie’s Big Adventure!

Meet Frankie, a gorgeous young Tonkinese kitten that came in to see Dr Anna last month as she was not feeling great, as she had been vomiting intermittently over a number of weeks. Frankie's problem soon became apparent, as on examination Dr Anna could feel a large...

Thumper’s Story

Thumper is one of Anna & Murray's bunnies. He is a Dwarf Lop bunny that lives with his bossy sister, Lettice. They have a pretty good life - they spend most of their time in a hutch and a run but for a few days each week they have the run of the back yard and most...

Scout’s Story – The benefits of Pre Anaesthetic Blood testing

Meet Scout - a gorgeous playful Kelpie pup belonging to Eliza. Scout graduated from our Puppy Preschool in 2013 with honours! She was very attentive & very smart, loved the other pups and loved Anna. When it was time for her to be speyed, Eliza took the option to...

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