August is Dental Health Month at the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre!! This means that during August we have a special focus on Dental Health for your pet – in particular the prevention of dental disease in all pets. Our goal is to keep your pet’s teeth at the reversible, gingivitis stage.

Have you looked inside your pet’s mouth recently? Gently lift the lip and have a peek at the teeth and gums…. if the pearly white teeth are more yellow than white and the gums are swollen then you are looking at a diseased mouth. This is not good news for your pet.

Many owners incorrectly believe that dogs and bad breath go hand in hand. Whist we don’t expect a pet’s breath to smell like a bed of roses, if there is a strong odour then there is a problem. While bad breath may be common in dogs & cats it is not normal and represents disease that can really compromise your pet’s health, affecting the heart, liver and kidneys – shortening your pet’s life.

During August we are offering:

* FREE Dental Heath Checks by our Vets & trained Vet Nurses

* We will document your pet’s state of oral health and determine the best course of action to improve & maintain their pearly white teeth

* We can also demonstrate How to Brush your pet’s teeth!

* We also have Dental Information Packs and Samples of specific Dental diets & Dental Treats we highly recommended for both dogs and cats

* We have a number of Vouchers available off the purchase price of Hills Prescription t/d for dogs and cats, along with a great competition to win a 12 month supplied of the fabulous dental treat, Greenies

* 10% off all KONG products

* $50 Discount Voucher** that can be used on Dental Procedures performed under carefully monitored General Anaesthesia during August.

** this discount does not apply to Grade 1 dental procedures

Call us in AUGUST on 9592 9811 to arrange an appointment.

Picture of a dog’s mouth with Severe Dental Disease

Same dog after the Dental Procedure