We had a great time at Puppy Preschool with our star puppies, Charlie, Luna and Murphy!

They had a great time learning, as did their owners and had fun playing with the other pups. Lots of topics were covered over the 4 weeks with an emphasis on training your puppy towards how you want your puppy to behave when they are 5 years of age….. If they are doing something that you do not want them to do when they are 5 years then you need to ensure that behaviour dies out – so do not reinforce it. Sometimes this can be easier said than done, which is why the key elements of training are:

  • supervision
  • consistency
  • patience

Just like us humans some find learning new things easier than others.

We were hoping to get to the park for graduation but the weather had us inside under cover but we had a cameo visit from one of Dr Anna’s dog – Tonic!