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Our focus has always been what's best for your pet. The prevention of Fleas and Worms in dogs & cats as well as the prevention of Heartworm in dogs is fundamental to this. The products available now are much more effective & safer for us and our pets than the...

Hunter’s Story

Hunter, our gorgeous 10 year old cat began to have problems walking especially in his hind legs late last year. Xrays were taken with him under anaesthesia that showed that he had some mild arthritis in both elbow but not much else. Over the next few months he got...

Welcome to Our New Kitten

Cali, short for New Caledonia, is a rescue kitten from Robyn's Nest! It has been a different approach for us to find a kitten as in the past they have always found us! Cali comes from Richmond - she was in a litter of 4 - 2 have found a home together in Daylesford...


Recently we were notified of the increased risk of Calicivirus to pet rabbits. Calicivirus is a rapidly fatal disease. As a consequence there has been changes to the recommendation of our current Vaccination Policy to protect our pet rabbits, as best we can. New...

Dental Health Month

August is Dental Health Month at the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre!! This means that during August we have a special focus on Dental Health for your pet - in particular the prevention of dental disease in all pets. Our goal is to keep your pet's teeth at the...


Chickie, first came to see us when he was just a week old! Unfortunately his owner stood on his foot - ouch! Chickie was not entirely happy and was limping. So xrays were ordered. The news was good - no breaks - so we prescribed rest, some pain relief medication and...

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